Curation Monday – August 19, 2013

Tech news bites from around the web

Tech-based news bites from across the web

It’s Monday.  Sometimes, it’s hard to get motivated. Here are some images that may describe how you feel. Via @mashable

Attention all Doctor Who fans – In a street view image of a seemingly innocent police box, Google Maps has placed an “Easter egg” that lets you explore inside the TARDIS. Via @techcrunch

If you’ve been on the Amazon website, you’ve likely seen reviews for books or other products. You may even rely on these to help you decide on whether or not to purchase. Apparently, some people are very creative when it comes to writing reviews. Amazon has put together a selection of the funniest for your entertainment. Via @Amazon

Brand new on LinkedIn – University pages. This is one of LinkedIn’s initiatives to help students along the path from campus to successful careers. Via @LinkedIn

Do you wonder what the basics for using Twitter are? And how to use Twitter? This blog does a really good job of simplifying it all, making it easy to understand. I think it’s a great “how to”.

Have we missed anything important? Do you know of anything new and exciting in the tech world that you’d like to share? Please do so in our comments section. Have a great week!

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