Curation Monday – July 29, 2013

Tech news bites from around the web

Tech-based news bites from across the web

Pinterest isn’t mentioned in the news nearly as often as other social platforms, but it is growing, and growing quickly. It has more active users than most of the other popular social media platforms. This article lists some facts that will make you care about Pinterest. Via @RWW

While Apple’s hardware sales may have slowed recently, the iTunes store is pulling in some serious coin – it broke sales records in Q3. Proof that people are paying for their content. Not everyone looks to Torrents for their music and video. Via @billboardbiz

Engadget’s online magazine, Distro, celebrates its 100th issue. Their 100 all-time favourite gadgets article is a lot of fun. Brings back memories. How many of these do you remember? Via @engadget

Yes, I know wi-fi is invisible. But have you ever wondered what wi-fi might look like, if we could see it? Here are some guesstimate images. Via @FastCoExist

Should I or shouldn’t I? Do you unplug from social media when on vacation? Do you leave your tablets and smartphones at home? Apparently, we don’t like to give up our handheld devices, even for a short time (guilty as charged – always looking for free wifi when travelling). So tell us, do you stay plugged in? Or go off the grid? Via @mashable

Have we missed anything important? Do you know of anything new and exciting in the tech world that you’d like to share? Please do so in our comments section. Until next time, be cool!

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