Curation Monday – June 10, 2013

Tech news bites from around the web

Tech-based news bites from across the web

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and a user of social media, you’ll likely enjoy this – social media wars told in a ‘Game of Thrones’ style  infographic  via @mashable

This should be good news (time will tell) – the CRTC is bringing in new rules that will allow Canadians to cancel their cellphone contracts after 2 years without penalty via @globeandmail

Do you enjoy musical theatre? This one definitely didn’t win any Tony awards last night, and won’t make Broadway, or off-Broadway, or anywhere near Broadway, but it’s good for a laugh – Facebook the Musical via @mashable

This reminds me of an episode of the Big Bang Theory. iRobot, the same company that builds self-roving vacuum-cleaners, is partnering with Cisco to build devices that will allow those who are working at home, and their in-office colleagues, to converse on the move. Futuristic? Or just weird? What’s your take on this? Via @TechCrunch

Today`s Google doodle is a celebration of Maurice Sendak`s 85th birthday. Author of children`s books such as Where the Wild Things Are, you`ve probably encountered some of his books at some point in your life. Via @nationalpost. If you miss the doodle today, you`ll likely be able to find it on Google`s doodle archive later in the week.

Have we missed anything important? Do you know of anything new and exciting in the tech world that you’d like to share? Please do so in our comments section. Until next week…

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