Curation Monday – March 18, 2013

Tech news bites from around the web

Tech-based news bites from across the web

Why leprechauns shouldn’t use social media
No explanation required for this one – just check out the link. Via @mashable

The ‘first tablet for women’ is as awful as it sounds
Who knew a tablet specifically for women was needed? Here I was, thinking all tablets were “easy-to-use”. If I want a pink background, I`ll add a pink background (although personally, I prefer photos). Different parts of the world, different cultures. #Mindboggling.  Via @mashable

Google seen edging Apple in tablet surge
Seems that Apple may no longer be the leader in the wonderful world of tablets. Samsung, running Google’s Android operating system, is posing some serious competition. Smaller size, lower price. Now, with Microsoft also in the market, there are plenty of choices. Similar things are happening in the smartphone market – Apple’s iPhone vs Samsung’s Galaxy 4. Via @MarketWatch

BlackBerry Secure Work Space due in Q2, divides work and play on Android and iOS
Blackberry has come back from the dead (okay, it was more like they were missing in action). Security is still one of their strengths, and they’ll soon be sharing that on different platforms. Via @engadget

Twitter now supports line breaks in tweets
For all you tweeters out there, you can now make your tweets more visually appealing by adding in line breaks. Via @mashable

10 Must-have apps for dog owners
Do you have a dog in your family? There`s an app for that! Via @mashable

Life before and after cellphones
Something fun to start the week – an illustrated depiction of life before and with, cellphones. Via @mashable

Image toaster prints pictures on your breakfast
Something everyone will want (or not)… the Image Toaster. Connected to your computer, this prototype toaster searches the internet for images related to the day’s date and prints an image on your toast. Via @mashable

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