Curation Monday – May 6, 2013

Tech news bites from around the web

Tech-based news bites from across the web

Curation Monday is back – we took a few weeks off for vacation, but we’re ready to roll once again…

Do you like to travel? Looking for somewhere new to go on vacation? How about space tourism? Virgin Galactic hopes to begin taking customers early next year. It will cost approximately $250K to be a pioneer, but that cost should come down in time. I doubt if we’ll be seeing any of these treks listed on the discount travel sites anytime soon. Via @engadget

If you use Microsoft’s Hotmail, you probably already know this – no more Hotmail. Microsoft has upgraded Hotmail to Email addresses remain the same. encompasses Hotmail’s best features as well as new features and an updated design.

Blackberry’s new Q10 is now available, and is selling well. The Q10 is the new Blackberry smartphone with the keyboard – for those who prefer keyboards over touch screens. Via @CNET

Attention Instagram users! A new feature – “Photos of You” has been introduced. Now you can use the app to tag people, things or brands in the photos you upload and share on Instagram.  Via @CNET

Are you concerned that once you upload photos to the internet, you’ll lose ownership? You took them, and you’d like to continue being the attributed photographer. Here’s how… in Mashable’s How to Stop People From Swiping Your Online Photos blog post. Via @mashable

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