Curation Monday – September 23, 2013

Tech news bites from around the web

Tech-based news bites from across the web

The big event in tech last week was Apple’s release of the iPhone 5S, 5C and iOS7. If you`re thinking the hype for new iPhone models has dwindled, you’d be wrong. They’re still lining up on the first day a new iPhone is released, all around the world. Via @canoe

I’ve updated my iPhone 4 to iOS7 – downloading the update and installing was a slow process. It looks good and all seems to be working well, but I haven’t played with it enough to pass judgement just yet.  With the help of my friend Google, I`ve found some iOS7 tips and tricks you might find useful. Via @TrustedReviews

If you’re looking for iTunes radio on your newly updated i-device, it’s only available in the US at this time. But there is a work-around for this… Via @9to5mac

If you’re a gamer (and apparently, many, many people are), you likely know about the release of Grand Theft Auto V. Via @forbes

And finally, for this edition of Curation Monday, Google is making changes to its logo and navigation menu. Always tweaking. Via @canoe

Have we missed anything important? Do you know of anything new and exciting in the tech world that you’d like to share? Please do so in our comments section. Until next time, have a great week!

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