Curation Monday – September 9, 2013

Tech news bites from around the web

Tech-based news bites from across the web

Android users know that the various versions of Android often have fun, food-related names such as jelly bean, honeycomb and ice cream sandwich. Here are a few names that didn’t quite make the cut. Via @mashable

No real news here – social media usage up substantially over the past 8 years. Via @forbes. Anybody remember what we did for fun before the advent of Facebook and Twitter and… ?

In the market for a new watch? Samsung has announced its entry into the smart watch market – Galaxy Gear. Via @engadget. I’m still waiting to see the oft-rumoured Apple entry into the smart watch market.

This story brought to you by the letter “p”. Pinterest and Path battle over this letter for logo trademark purposes. Via @techcrunch

And now, something useful, and something useless. First the useful – wondering how to ensure your future blog posts are popular? Here are some tips… via @smexaminer

And for something truly silly – check out this video on YouTube via @YouTube. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Have we missed anything important? Do you know of anything new and exciting in the tech world that you’d like to share? Please do so in our comments section. Until next time…

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