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Current Toronto and Ontario Housing Markets

An exciting, colourful new video helps Ontario consumers to understand the nature of the current housing market and the value of using a REALTOR®.

This animated short video has been created by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). It presents housing statistics in a lively and easy-to-digest manner for the public.

Home buyers and sellers can gain insights into the state of the real estate market and the various factors that contribute to current conditions. Supply and demand, months of inventory statistics and sales-to-new listings ratios are all conveyed in an appealing audio-visual snapshot. The statistical data has been supplied by the Canadian Real Estate Association.

“Our new video helps consumers to understand why certain patterns are occurring in today’s real estate market,” says Ray Ferris, President of OREA. “It also helps members of the public to understand the importance of using a REALTOR® to navigate the complexities of buying and selling a home.”

This video is just one component of the REALTOR® value campaign being promoted by OREA to help the public. To learn more, visit

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