Cut volunteers a bit of slack


For 32 years I have been amazed at the contributions that REALTORS® make as volunteer leaders at their local, provincial and national associations.

I don’t know of any other profession that earns its income by commission and gives up as much time as Realtors do, not only to their own trade association but to many community organizations.

But we’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy. It’s July 2016 and the real estate market is hot hot hot! The buzz of today is bidding wars, multiple offers and low inventory. Buyer and seller expectations are at an all-time high and Realtors need to be “on” 24/7.

That leaves them precious little time to contribute as a volunteer to their trade association. We are seeing less of our members volunteering and the ones that do volunteer are not showing up to meetings, and when they do they are distracted by the constant buzzing or ringing of their smart phone. Miss one call and miss a commission.

When the wind changes, you adjust the sails. Don’t expect as much from your volunteers right now and take on a little bit more as staff members. Call fewer meetings, make them shorter and give volunteers lots of breaks so that they can check their smart phones. Even better, hold a meeting by conference call so they don’t have to travel and waste time.

One final note; when this crazy market ends (and they always do) your volunteer leaders are going to need a break to recharge. Prepare and plan for that inevitability.

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