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Do standards stifle individuality?

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I have a concern.  I worry about real estate representatives who consider standards illusory.  I am apprehensive about registrants who view standards as just words on a piece of paper.  I fear real estate practitioners who follow only those standards that “benefit me” or “make me money.”

“Standards choke creativity” is an all too common refrain.  I agree that everyone is an individual and that learning is maximized when education is individualized, but is this catchphrase true? Will an adoption of standards of professional excellence undermine entrepreneurship and the practice of professionalism?  Will the setting of standards constrict the behaviour of REALTORS®?

Sound a little silly? I think so.  Standards promote ethical business practices and conduct.  They set the stage and targets for professional and service excellence.

I particularly like standards that are not obligatory but rather self-imposed goals and habits that define your behaviour, manners, activities, and performance.  Let me illustrate through self-directed questions:

•  Do I take courses beyond what is obligatory and practise what I have learned?

•  Do I use communication skills that speak plainly and clearly for effective understanding?

•  Do I work to produce positive results for all parties affected by the process and decision?

•  Do I support my vocation through volunteerism and respectful co-operation?

•  Do I engage in community service and try to help people?

•  Am I a person of my word?

Answer yes to each question and you should be proud to call yourself a practising professional.





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