Do we really make a difference?

Group of people giving thumbs up over blue sky

I was in a beautiful, small Ontario town attending a well organized, volunteer-based community event.

One of our members, who had received some of our volunteer leadership development training, was on the Board of Directors of the local Chamber of Commerce.

That member was no longer a volunteer on the local real estate board but they were contributing to their community and I felt a strong sense of pride about the volunteer training that we had done.

You can call it the multiplier effect or “pay it forward”. OREA’s volunteer training was helping volunteers make an additional contribution to their local community.

In the last 10 years 14,000 members have invested in volunteer training, so just imagine the ripple effect that it’s making on their community contributions.

As I drove away from that small Ontario town I realized the positive impact that real estate volunteers have made all over the province for the betterment of communities and it citizens. And I was proud that OREA was there to help.

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