Does love motivate you?

What makes you get up in the morning? Is it your kids? Is it work? or is it love? Have you really sat down and thought about it?

For me it’s a combination of things. The sun, the son and then, of course what I LOVE, my work, my clients and my job. For me work isn’t really work, it’s more like getting a few things done in order to connect lovers, in this parallelism buyers & houses. I see my job as the person who connects buyers and sellers to make the deal come together. I look at it just like that. I’m a match-maker for buyers and houses. “The REALTOR® match-maker”

Here’s my account of how it really happens:

  1. I help people set up their home for someone else to fall in love. (Working with sellers)
  2. I also help people who are looking for a love connection find something to fall in love with. (Searching for buyers)
  3. Then someone “pops” the question. (The offer)
  4. Will you commit to loving the house, for now? For always? Can we both agree, based on a few key issues, to love, honor & obey? (Negotiations on price, availability, and contents)
  5. Then of course there is the “does it really pass the LOVE test?” (inspection) phase, and the “can I afford to love it?” (financing) phase.
  6. Don’t wait for too long, cause if someone asks you to marry them, and you don’t answer, they may go and find someone else to love. (Within a specific time frame)
  7. Then like a new pair of shoes, the moment you hand over your cold hard cash for an envelope of keys. It is spectacular and glorious. For me, this is where the good part starts. It’s the moment when the clients call you with tears of joy! That is what motivates me. It’s the moment something new starts and someone’s dream begins.

Find your love, find your motivation, find your new home. It’s best to have a match-maker on your side.

– Ayn (REALTOR®, YPN Committee Member & Guest Author on the OREA Blog)

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