Don’t be afraid to be different

Portrait of businesspeople looking at camera

In a business with as much competition as ours, being different is good. It helps you stand out. Use whatever uniqueness you have to your advantage.

When I first started in Real Estate I did not include my picture on my business cards. I jumped into the business right out of University and was worried that my evident youth would hurt me. I was wrong.

On my second batch of cards, I decided to include my picture and was impressed by the positive feedback and more importantly, the results. The majority of REALTORS® out there are significantly older than I am. By showing my age, through my picture, I immediately stood out. I found out there are plenty of young Buyers and Sellers out there and they like to work with people that are like them.

Don’t be afraid to show your personality. You will attract similar people. Clients like to work with those they can relate to.  If you love your pet, your boat or a particular hobby… don’t hide it, take advantage of it.


Brian Santos, YPN Committee Member and guest blogger

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