OREA Real Estate College

Embrace the New Challenge

If I were a common REALTOR®,

All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.

RECO and the Registrar have changed the rules of the game. Should they have done it? Will professionalism and consumer protection change? Will real estate education mediocrity or superiority colour the real estate education marketplace?

Morality issues aside, we are now confronted with a new reality. It may be that RECO and the Registrar are challenging us to take responsibility to specialize and become the best at what we want for ourselves. Intentionally or not, they have required each one of us to become the master of our own training.

If I were an engaged REALTOR®,

I’d embrace the new challenge.

Let me digress to stress my observation. From selecting fruit in the supermarket, a fine wine at your favourite vintage outlet, a rewarding vocation, or a life-long mate, we look for the superstars. Why settle for less when the best is much more gratifying?

In your defined little corner of the world, you must decide and work at being the best if you want the premium rewards. It’s basic economics. With scarcity comes value. Just as when opportunities are scarce, we focus our attention, narrow our choices, and source out the best options in the given circumstance. Individuals and organizations should now invest in education at the next level: educating superstars. Make REALTORS® superstars.

If I were a hard-working REALTOR®,

I wouldn’t settle, do less, or stop improving.

Success demands specialization. Your general schooling should not be confused with vocational training. Your earlier real estate schooling was not a free-market, survival of the fittest system.  Having made real estate your career, being good is now not good enough. You need to continually strive to be unique, differentiated, scarce, and valuable. You need to invest your attention, energy, and resources on mastering competencies that elevate your standing, success, and worth in the public eye.

If I were a superior REALTOR®,

Like a Solomon the Wise, I would reengineer myself with new, specialized skills and reap the benefits for years to come.

If I were a REALTOR®,

I would work hard to become a superstar. Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.


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