Emerge and Moving Forward with the Tools and Technology of Tomorrow

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A new innovative way of doing business with modern technology is here.

During the 2013 OREA Leadership Conference the OREA Young Professional Network (YPN) Tools and Technology Forum was very successful and attended by over 400 people. Many of the attendees surveyed afterwards said they would like more information about tools and technology they could use. As OREA continues to work for its members, a concept and initiative was started to bring this type of event across the province.  The OREA team gathered tech savvy REALTORS® and professional speakers together and set dates in six different areas across the province to make the events accessible to all members.

To date “Emerge” has had rave reviews and will be arriving at its final destination in Kitchener, Waterloo on December 10, 2013.  Feedback for the event has been overwhelmingly positive with attendees asking for even more conferences in 2014.

Why does someone attend “Emerge”?

As a new agent starting out, I remember it being a bit like being thrown into a pool of water and not knowing how to swim. I had a lack of practical training and no experience. Emerge is a great way to get REALTORS®, both new and experienced, to learn and refresh their methods of doing business with new ideas for marketing and sales. It also provides  opportunities for professional networking and mentorship.

Emerge is a great and innovative way to network and share ideas with other REALTORS®. It also gives the opportunity to take on leadership roles with local, provincial and national boards. Most importantly, Emerge gives REALTORS® the opportunity to reach out to others who have faced the same challenges in their careers.

Written by Anna Vozza, YPN committee Chair and guest blogger

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