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Evergreen content: 10 ideas for REALTORS®


Evergreen web content is the gift that keeps on giving. It is helpful content that’s relevant all year round, won’t date and (if properly optimised) will keep generating traffic for you over long periods of time. How do you create content with such enduring appeal? Here are 10 suggestions.

1. Industry acronyms are baffling to those not in the know. Compile a list of real estate abbreviations and their definitions.

2. Publish a podcast on a perennial real estate question eg is it better to buy a resale property or a new build? Does staging really work? What does a REALTOR® do?

3. What do first-time buyers need to know about their REALTOR® before committing? Write a list of useful questions they could ask.

4. Use Hootsuite to find out which real estate questions are trending, then write a few sentences answering each one. You could easily develop your own guide to the 30 most asked questions in real estate.

5. Do you have a mortgage broker or property assessor you work with regularly? Send them a 10 question Q&A about what they do and post the answers.

6. Compile a top five list of real estate bests eg top 5 REALTOR® blogs, top 5 places to try for financing, top 5 staging companies…

7. Write a neighbourhood guide. Newbies to your city may not know the landscape. Introduce them to the family-friendly bit of town, the downtown core, the artsy area, most-affordable enclaves and where the upwardly mobile tend to buy.

8. Answer a niche question with a lot of detail ie, what happens on closing day? If the answer has a lot of variables you could relay the ideal scenario then add anecdotes for other things that could happen. The more narrow the question, the less likely it will have been answered in great detail by other sources. Ensure your content is packed with key words so it’s easy to find.

9. Write a tutorial ie How to prepare your home for an Open House

10. Create a slideshow of user tips. Canvass your satisfied home buyers and sellers and ask them for one tip they’ve picked up following their house buy or sale.

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