Everybody’s doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it!

network of people on computers

Have you ever wanted and waited for something to happen and finally it did?

I’m talking about consolidation of MLS® in Ontario, where all REALTORS® will have seamless access to all MLS® information.

Yes, we’ve had some fine examples of information sharing and common MLS® data bases like in Toronto/GTA, Ottawa/Renfrew and London/Tillsonburg. But there were many regions where members had to join two or three boards to obtain all of the listing information for their market. It’s been costly, inefficient and in the eyes of the consumer, not very professional.

Things are rapidly changing! Several boards, that are with the MLS® vendor Millennium, are using Search-Integration software so their members can look seamlessly at all the listing information across three and even six separate real estate boards’ data bases. Each board remains independent.

In Southern Ontario, (Niagara to Oakville to Kitchener), eight separate real estate boards, currently dealing with five separate MLS® systems, will eventually consolidate into one common MLS® data base using the vendor Corelogix.  Again, each board remains independent.

This is fantastic news, and it’s in keeping with the 2014 theme of “collaboration” that’s permeating our strategic plans. We have to thank the Executive Officers and volunteer leaders who are leading this charge, putting in countless hours for the good of their members. (The Southern group had 30 meetings over 10 weeks!). Their courage and foresight is appreciated.

If you’re not doin’ it….you should be doin’ it.

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