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Featured Alumnus: Natalie Svadjian

Natalie Svadjian

Interacting with different people on a daily basis is one reason why Natalie Svadjian chose real estate as a profession.

Another reason is the challenge and excitement the profession offers.

There’s a third reason!

To learn more about why Natalie chose real estate and discover that third reason, we invite you to join the College Alumni Program.

The Alumni Program has a decided, members-only website that includes the featured alumnus article, information on networking events, links to real-estate specific media, discussion boards, and the online members’ directory. In addition, members may download free audio podcasts and factsheets on select topics.


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To join the Alumni Program, you must be a graduate of OREA Real Estate College and a member of OREA. http://bit.ly/1IryRuO.


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