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Featured Alumnus: Shane Silva

Shane Silva

Blackburn Hamlet, a suburban in Ottawa’s east end, had 2,481 homes in 2005, a fact that Shane Silva can attest to personally because he and his wife and children hand-delivered flyers to each of those homes for about one year.

Today, Shane Silva is the owner and broker of record of HomeLife Capital Realty Inc., Ottawa, and the current present of the Ottawa Real Estate Board. Shane attributes his success, in part, to his bold marketing strategies, such as the hand-delivering flyers to nearly 2,500 homes. He also believes in volunteering, mentoring, and empowering the 16 REALTORS® who work for his brokerage. To learn more about Shane, including how long it took to hand-deliver those flyers, we invite you to join the College Alumni Program.

The Alumni Program has a dedicated, members-only website that includes the following:

•  featured alumnus articles

•  career-building/networking events

•  podcasts on the latest real estate news and industry trends

•  factsheets on select real estate topics

•  discussion groups

•  online alumni directory

Factsheets currently available for download:

•  Marketing techniques

•  Top 10 reasons to hire a REALTOR®

•  Cottage and recreational REALTOR® checklist

•  How well do you communicate?

•  Listing presentation checklist for REALTORS®

•  Negotiation checklist

To join the Alumni Program, you must be a graduate of OREA Real Estate College and a member of OREA. To join, go to http://bit.ly/1IryRuO.




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