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Five content marketing tips






Consumers are increasingly adept at tuning out traditional marketing – ie banner ads – and paying attention only to content. Thankfully, content marketing is a very neat solution to this problem, it gives the consumer what they want – information and compelling content – while giving the content creator an engaged audience. It also presents the creator as a trusted expert in their field and keeps them at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. When the consumer is ready to make a real estate move, the REALTOR® who has been providing regular advice and insight into the industry should be the first person that comes to mind.

Win, win!

What do you need to consider when creating content? Here are five starter tips.

1. Know your audience

Find out as much as you can about who is browsing your website and following your social media accounts. Who are your most engaged visitors and what kind of content are they really responding to? Then produce more of that. You want your content to be stimulating but also aligned to your brand.

2. Be original

While you should be monitoring your visitors and working to deliver the content they find useful, you should also be trying out new ideas. Carry a notebook with you, who knows what will spark an idea or a new angle on an old topic. Have your own voice and your own opinions so that your content is branded with your style.

3. Create evergreen content

Evergreen content is always relevant. It’s the kind of useful information that will continue to attract visitors months and years after you post it, especially if you’ve sprinkled key words liberally. At times, evergreen content can be seasonal and make an appearance only once a year, but it has no expiry date. Examples include tutorials, top tips, explanations of keywords or real estate concepts, solutions to common problems, etc.

4. Use diverse media

Video content is ranked more highly by search engines than text and therefore more likely to attract clicks. Podcasting continues to grow in popularity. Plus, the podcast field isn’t as crowded as blogging so it’s easier to establish your niche. There are many reasons to move beyond text so don’t limit yourself to one media or platform, answer questions on Twitter, record a conversation with your real estate friends on a popular topic and turn it into a podcast, post a video tour of a property, mix it up. Don’t forget the research though. Know which platform and social media outlets your audience are using. Concentrate your efforts there.

5. Balance quality and quantity

You need to produce regular content in order to build and maintain an audience. However, you don’t want the frequency to undermine the quality, there’s no benefit in putting out shoddy content. Try to find a good compromise.

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