Five Tech Apps to use in Your Business Daily

Real Estate agents often wear many hats in a day:  sales person, marketing manager, CEO, accountant – the list can go on and on. There are many helpful tools available to help us be more effective and productive in our business. Here are five tech apps that I use to make life a little easier:


Wunderlist is a task management application. What I like about Wunderlist is that it is extremely simple. Add a task and then check it off when it is done. Your task can be shared, emailed and synced with different devices, allowing you to add tasks from your computer and have them on your tablet or cell phone.  Simple, but helpful.


Move aside Power Point – Prezi is a new and creative way to make and share presentations. You can create listing presentations with text, pictures, videos and animation in a truly captivating way. Prezi is an online based software program so you can access your material anywhere or download your presentations to your iPad for offline use.


Foursquare is an app that allows you to share your current location by ‘checking in’. For example, you could check in to a coffee shop, hardware store, park, mall, etc allowing people to see where you are. What makes this application useful is the ability to check in to different place that you might want to promote, like listings or open houses. The cool thing about Foursquare is that when you post your location, Foursquare automatically includes a map of where you are and allows you to include a paragraph of text and a picture.  Also, it is a non-intrusive way to let people know what you’re doing and that you’re still actively working in real estate.


Issuu.com is an online publication site that allows you to upload newsletters, articles and any type of document to the website for easy reading. The advantage of Issuu is that it hosts your article in a high quality, online format that you can share with anyone. In the past, I uploaded my monthly newsletter to my website where people would have to download the PDF before they could read it. With Issuu, my clients can now read my newsletter like they would read any other professional online magazine. Here is an example: http://issuu.com/chrissalmans/docs/march_2012_your_home_in_focus

My Time

Even though we work for ourselves, it is still important to be accountable for how we spend our time. MyTime is an application that allows you to enter different tasks or projects and allows you to track the time spent on each. This can be helpful if you are doing work that you are getting paid by the hour or want to show a client how much time you have spent marketing their home. Once your tasks are complete, you can export them into a printable report.

Tech tools are great and can help set you apart in the industry, but make sure the tools that you are using are an asset your business and raise your value as a REALTOR®.

Written by Chris Salmans, OREA YPN Committee Member and Guest Blogger

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