Five Things You May Have Missed at Agent Reboot

I caught up with Ray and Amie Ferris after Agent Reboot to put together the following five things you may have missed:


RASM = Random Acts of Social Media.  If you’re going to use social media, have a plan.  Try planning out your content each week and set time each day to comment and engage.  Most likely, social media is the third medium where business comes from for REALTORS® (following past clients/referrals and your website).  Plan it out and do it right.  Set goals for the rest of the year and take the necessary actions needed to accomplish them.  There are a tonne of tools to help you…take a look at the several Google tools we learned about.

“Are you planning to fail or failing to plan?”

4. The Power of FAQ

34,000 questions per second are answered on google.com and 3 billion searched are done in one day.  A great way to start a website or to improve one is to create a FAQ blog post or page on your website.

3. Get Visual

Use photos as much as possible.  The most interacted content on Facebook is photographs.

If you aren’t using video yet, start now.  You don’t have to be a technical expert to do video.  Try other options such as Screencasts, Camtasia, Jing or Screener.

Perhaps Pinterest is right for you?

2. Brands on Social Media vs. Buying

51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy from a brand they “like” whereas 64% of Twitter users are more likely to buy a brand they “follow”.

Are you not getting enough interaction on Facebook to grow your “likes” organically?  Try asking questions like: “How old were you when you bought your first house?”

1. Take Your Online Relationships Offline (and vice-versa)

Real estate is still about face-to-face interaction.  Keep a personal touch with your clients online and offline.

“No matter what technology and social media we use, real estate is all about relationships.  Take your online relationships offline for some face-to-face interaction”.

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