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Four Leaders. One Message – Make Home Ownership Affordable for Ontarians

Home ownership is a pillar of the Canadian Dream.

But there’s a problem.

Housing affordability for young families is at an all-time low and home ownership rates are on the decline in Ontario.

We have an affordability crisis and we need action to fix it.

Ontario REALTORS® are leading the charge to protect the Canadian Dream for future generations and we’re working with all Political Parties to accomplish that goal.

At OREA’s 2018 Ontario REALTOR® Party Conference we invited the Leaders of all four Political Parties to give us their vision on how we protect the dream of home ownership.

Despite their differences all four were united in a simple message to make home ownership more affordable.

Four Leaders. One Message. Make Home Ownership Affordable for Ontarians.

Watch the videos. Share them and let’s keep the #homeownership dream alive in Ontario.


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