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Free Google tools to help REALTORS® in their business

Rapportive: Shows you everything about your contacts right inside your gmail inbox.

Wisestamp: A plugin that creates a dynamic email signature.

Google Drive: Store 5GB of files for free. Grade your website on a mobile compatability from 1-5.  If you get less than a 3…you may need some help.  In the future, if someone is googling you on mobile and your site isn’t mobile friendly, google will probably rank it lower on mobile search.

Google maps: Google sent cars around every neighbourhood taking 360 degree video.  Embed this into your website!

Google places:  97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Be there when they’re looking for you.

Browser Size: What is the average resolution screen size for people that visit your website?  Modify your website to cater to the most people that go there.  If you share things that don’t go to your website you can track the clicks in real time.

 How many links go to your site?  Go to, put in “link:”

Google Adwords:  What are people really searching?  Find out how many people per month search for things like, “million dollar toronto condos.”

Google ads: Set keywords for niche areas, target buyers, and types of homes.  It’s easy to use and doesn’t cost a lot.  They show you the estimated traffic that your ad will get.

Thanks @Chris_Smth for sharing these great tools at Agent Reboot Toronto!


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