Futures Implementation Team

This blog post is very timely because I am actually attending the very first meeting of the FIT.
And for those of you who don’t know what the FIT is, it is the Futures Implementation Team. The future is coming and it is time for change.

Source: fromupnorth.com via OREA on Pinterest


CREA, through consultations with boards and associations and it’s members has come up with a “Map to the Future” which outlines a strategy map for organized real estate. The industry and the profession is revolving and it is time for you YPN’ers to get engaged! The future is about you, and we want to hear your thoughts.

Check out all the Futures Planning DocumentsĀ on the CREA website…it’s really good stuff.
Also watch for an email that is going to be coming to you from the FIT with links to info and choice books for you to experience!

Let see how the future unfolds,

Written by Barb Sukkau, OREA YPN Committe member and guest blogger
OREA Immediate Past president And Futures Implementation Team member

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