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Get Off That Yellow Brick Road!

failure & success

Eating authentic gelato or sipping iced espresso overlooking a vista in Sorrento is simply satisfying and grounded. Sometimes an uncomplicated book sparkling with life’s truths brings the same delight.

The Wisdom of Oz, by Rogers Connors and Tom Smith, is sadly not a tome about me but a handbook that centres on personal accountability and the many wizardry principles that lead us to success in everything we do.

Rather than meandering helplessly or, worse, in a stupor of victimhood along the yellow brick road, Oz’ kernels of wisdom lead us away from ‘blamestorming’ to action and results.

Whether you’re a tailor, soldier, spy, facilitator, student, or just plain humanoid, the wisdoms of Oz alter your outlook, actions, and results. You acquire the heart, the courage, and the brains. You strengthen your ability to think clearly, react with emotional balance, and produce empowering successes. In sum, you become the master of your circumstances rather than give circumstances permission to define you.

The Oz principles are many. The Oz formula is basic. It matters not what you want. I want to be professional, to be wise, to be caring, to be athletic, to be accepted, to be recognized, to be… to be… to be…

Define what you want and see the whole picture as things really are not from your selective perception. Then, own it. It’s a universal trait of high achievers. It’s notably absent from the disengaged majority who sleepwalk through life. From there, step up and solve the problem, issue, objective. Be persistent. Don’t let up. Be passionate about maximizing your options and strategies. Keep trying. Finally, well, Nike has it right: Just do it!

Make it happen. Get off that yellow brick road. You’re not in Kansas anymore. Enjoy new vistas and delights. Go back to Sorrento.

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