Getting over a Return to Sender

stack of mail some opened some not

It is probably inevitable at some point throughout your career you will see these words scrawled across the name and address of one of you favourite clients “return to sender”.  A client who you stayed in touch with, who recommended your services and someone who you genuinely liked.

Let the grieving process begin!  First there’s denial, there’s no way this is right, obviously the postman delivered it to the wrong house (insert Canada Post joke here), and you go straight to GeoWarehouse, type in their address and BHAM, they moved a month ago.

Here comes the anger, why would they do that to me!?  I did everything right.  I called them, e-mailed them, dropped off a wreath at Christmas, pumpkins at Halloween, we even went out for drinks!

The wheels keep turning and now you find yourself bargaining.  That last phone call, maybe I said something that offended them, maybe I got too comfortable, did they accidentally get taken off the mailing list?  That must be it, somehow the computer went into their record and unclicked mailing list.

Ok you’re pretty sure that your computer hasn’t gone I, Robot on you, and now you’re kind of sad. 🙁

It doesn’t matter what caused it, you lost a client that you really liked.  How could they not even call you?  Or e-mail you?  At least ask you for your best offer?

Lastly, there is acceptance, this is the most important part because so many people get stuck at angry or sad.  Acceptance means letting go of all the excuses, grudges & assumptions and calling up your client to find out what went wrong, and what you can change going forward.  It’s not an easy call to make, but if you make it through the grieving process you just might get a second chance!

Sarah Kiraly, YPN Committee Member and OREA YPN Guest Blogger


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