Goal Setting


Real Estate is great because you get to set your own goals…. it may be a daily goal of talking at least 25 people about real estate. A weekly goal of converting leads to appointments. A monthly goal of listings, or yearly goals with regard to the amount of homes sold or purchased. Staying on the track to success is the benefit of setting goals.

Where you are in your career and what is your focus? This may change the way you will outline your goals. For example a buyer’s agent vs. a broker/manager may have different targets and goals should be adjusted to succeed as goals are measured differently.

Regardless of your role, I see great value in outlining your goals… I start each day with a goal in mind, I can be flexible with the time as long as I am accountable and the goal gets accomplished. Talk to your Broker of record for strategies for staying motivated and setting goals that you can achieve.

Also, make sure the goals are realistic, shooting for the moon is great however if you don’t land there on your first shot this can have negative effects. If you feel like you are always playing catch up reevaluate the goals that were out of reason to begin with.

Start small, or small steps.

Fill in the blank and make it happen.

“My goal is to _____________ today”.

“My goal is to _____________ this week”.

“My goal is to _____________ this month”.

“My goal is to _____________ this year”.

Again answers will vary based on where you are in your career.

Setting goals allows you to look at the tasks necessary to complete a great month plus;

  • identify growth
  • stay on track
  • not waste time
  • stay motivated
  • stay positive
  • time manage
  • reduce stress

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