Going Paperless

Going Paperless

When you talk with John Ross Parks, it’s clear that John loves being paperless. No more filing cabinets. No overflowing inbox. No ragged calendar book. I learned more about John’s journey to becoming paperless when we conducted a short video interview with him  at our Executive Officer’s Professional Development Seminar where he made a presentation on What’s Your App?

View a short video interview on Going Paperless and Reaping the Benefits

John is a REALTOR® who has embraced many of the tablet apps that allow him to nearly eliminate the need for paper while improving his efficiencies and productivity. Going paperless has generated a lot of interest in the real estate community where people spend much of their time working away from the office.

With so many inherent advantages to going paperless, I asked John why more people in our industry haven’t adopted this technology. “Some people are hesitant mainly because they are scared of technology, and scared of change. But the more they (use technology) the more it makes their lives easier.”

The easiest apps to get started with, says John, are those that come with most tablets, such as scheduling, calendar, notes and cloud storage. With just those apps John found that he could start getting rid of his filing cabinets and work more efficiently.

John says he especially likes the paperless approach because, without it, he admits he tends to be quite disorganized. The apps help him get his business organized, streamline his processes and eliminate all the time-consuming work he was doing that wasn’t productive.

If you’re interested in going paperless using a tablet, how do you get started? John suggests you find someone in your office or local area that can help give you a quick personal tutorial. Once you’ve gotten that kick start, he suggests you master the apps one at a time rather than trying to use everything at once. In no time, he suggests, you’ll be reaping the benefits!

Title:  Going Paperless and Reaping the Benefits
Featuring:  John-Ross Parks, REALTOR®
Length: 5:38 minutes

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