Happy Selling!


Looking to improve your business? It’s easy, improve your attitude.

Don’t overlook the importance of being positive as a key to your success. When you are just starting out you might be lacking experience or certain skills but you can still stand out from your competition by being a positive person.

Real Estate is a business driven by relationships. It’s easier to create and strengthen those relationships by making the decision to be a happier person. Don’t accept negativity. Strive to always look at the ‘glass as half full’. You will find that it will lead to heightened self-esteem and confidence. Naturally, your customers and clients will gravitate towards these traits.

It’s not always easy to do. You will face rejection, changes and set backs on a frequent basis. The business can be a bit of roller coaster with lots of up and downs, but by staying upbeat you will be better prepared to cope with those challenges.

This type of mindset requires fuel. Try reading or listening to something positive as often as you can. Doing things you enjoy like listening to music, exercising or hanging out with people you like also helps.

Finding and maintaining that positive attitude will help you in your professional and personal life – enjoy the rewards!

Here are some tips that have helped me:

Look at every situation as an opportunity: Don’t be upset that you have to work and show homes on a Friday evening. Be happy – your client might want to buy one of them.

Receive a low-ball offer on one of your listings? Don’t dwell only on the price. Perhaps the closing date is favourable or the offer has few conditions. Build from there on your counter offer.

Don’t bash your your fellow REALTORS® and competition. They are also your colleagues and you need their support to be successful. When you take to criticizing them it reflects poorly on you. Instead, focus on how you are different.

Be courteous and nice at all times, not just when you are working. Everyone you meet, including the cashier at the grocery store, is a potential client.

Brian Santos, YPN Committee Member and guest blogger

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