Have you tried video?


Showcasing a property with video can give you a vital edge over the competition. *Studies show web pages with video content rank better on search engines, retain visitors for longer and can increase user engagement by as much as 75%.

So why aren’t REALTORS® all over the medium? Probably because producing professional-looking footage requires more time and skill than the point-and-shoot methods you can get away with in still photography. That reticence could be set to change. There are some new video tools that take the headache out of editing and give every video a touch of Hollywood polish.

Last month Instagram released a time-lapse video app called Hyperlapse. The app employs a stylish time-lapse feature that can make video playback up to 12x as fast. It also includes image-stabilisation technology that straightens out even the shakiest footage. Video can then be shared on Instagram and Facebook.

Splice has been around a while and is designed for iPhones. It allows you to capture footage, edit and add music. The fact it lets you assemble your video sequence using drag-and-drop makes the whole thing very user-friendly.

Videolicious lets you create videos in three simple steps. First you shoot a short video of yourself delivering a piece to camera, next you grab selected stills and video clips from your camera roll, then you add some music from either the Videolicious preloaded options, or from your own music library. Done.

There are many more video tools available and you have everything to gain by giving them a try.



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