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Highlighting the Value of REALTORS®

Hello everyone!

Hopefully you are all enjoying what is now turning into a very hot summer! But even in the heat of summer life goes on for us as both REALTORS® and volunteers…

As part of OREA‘s launch of our campaign to communicate REALTOR® value to consumers through media relations and social media tools, the first of a series of monthly news releases that will highlight the expertise of REALTORS® and reinforce the benefits that REALTORS® deliver to home buyers and sellers has begun. These news releases will augment our existing Home Words program of feature articles that is being beefed up as part of our communication efforts.

Item highlighted in a newspaperAnother element of this initiative is the establishment of a News Bureau where we are actively pitching stories to the news media. In preparation for this activity, members of the Board of Directors were trained this spring and biographical information about these OREA spokespersons has been sent to the media. Through this program, we hope to strengthen OREA’s media relation’s efforts in order to build REALTORS’® profile, increase public trust and establish credibility.

As a result of our efforts I did my first radio interview with CKPC radio in Brantford this week where I gave advice for first time homebuyers and what they need to know. The interview went very well but it did remind me that our local board leaders are also spokespeople for the local members in their areas. As I said the interview went well, largely in part because I was prepared!

Interview tips for all the Board/Association President’s out there:

1. Be prepared…find out what topic you will be discussing and do your research.

2. Make notes on items for the discussion.

3. Know the outlet…who will be interviewing you?

4. Know the format (i.e. phone interview, live or taped).

5. Know the time and the approximate length of the interview.

6. Be in a quiet, comfortable environment with no distractions.

Stick to this format and I know you will all do great and remember one of my favorite quotes:

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail…”

Enjoy your interviews!

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