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“Home Ownership Matters” Hitting its Mark

With less than a month to go before Ontario voters go to the polls in the provincial election, OREA’s“Home Ownership Matters” campaign continues to promote greater support for affordable home ownership to candidates, political parties and key decision makers.

Among the “Home Ownership Matters” many successes has been extensive media coverage of the campaigns key messages and issues. Working with member boards, OREA has written five different opinion editorials focusing on the Ipsos Reid research report on home ownership, why home ownership is so important to Ontario and the campaign’s three policy proposals. To date, these editorials have been printed in over twenty daily newspapers, on numerous websites, blogs and discussed extensively on social media channels.

OREA has also run “Home Ownership Matters” ads on the provincial news aggregator, facilitated meetings between local candidates and member boards, promoted the campaign extensively on social media and submitted surveys to all three major political parties on home ownership related issues.

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