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Horwath reaches out to other party leaders

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath sent a letter Tuesday to Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty and Progressive Conservative (PC) Leader Tim Hudak, asking for a “meeting with both of you to discuss workable solutions for the short term and a plan for the long term sustainability of our province.” Ms. Horwath’s NDP won 17 of 107 seats in this October’s provincial election and hold the balance of power in the provincial legislature.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath

In the dying days of the provincial election campaign, Horwath repeatedly said she was willing  to work together with the others in a minority government situation.

However, both Hudak and McGuinty refused to talk about the possibility of a minority government before the Oct. 6 vote. Instead Premier McGuinty has pledged to work with opposition parties on a case by case basis but ruled out any official coalition.

Premier McGuinty has met with Lieutenant Governor David Onley to form his new government, but there has yet to be a decision on when the House will resume or when a new cabinet will be sworn in. Premier McGuinty and Onley sat down for 15 minutes Tuesday morning at the Legislature, the premier’s office said.

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