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It’s been a busy few weeks for the Media Relations team at the Ontario Real Estate Association. On the evening of  Monday, November 26th, both past-president Barb Sukkau and president-elect Phil Dorner appeared on the Rogers TV program, Toronto Speaks.

Barb and Phil discussed a number of questions concerning today’s real estate market in Ontario and the numerous services that Ontario REALTORS® provide their clients. The segment emphasized the importance of speaking to your local REALTOR® to address burning real estate questions and it was a great success! The segment will be available for online viewing shortly and we will be sure to share the link.

This week, OREA president Ron Abraham penned a column for the Toronto Sun called, Beating the baby boomer blues that discusses the benefits of downsizing – if you’re ready for it. The column goes through the downsizing options that are available and the opportunities to do so in today’s market. Look for Ron’s column in the Toronto Sun and the link on OREA’s social media pages.

In recent weeks there has been a flurry of news surrounding homes used as Marijuana Grow-ops (MGOs) and drug labs in Ontario, and across the nation. Homeowners and REALTORS® alike have serious concerns about the safety of these properties. As a result of these concerns, OREA commissioned a survey by Ipsos Reid to find out just how important an issue this is for Ontarians, and the response was overwhelming.

In fact, ninety three per cent of Ontarians agree that they want to know if the home they’re planning on purchasing was a former MGO or drug lab. Not only do Ontarians want to know this information but they are also demanding a provincial registry, whereby information about homes that were former MGOs and drug labs would be readily available. If you would like to learn more about OREA’s efforts to increase transparency for homeowners and REALTORS® alike, please visit OREA’s Government Relations page.

Finally, as the mercury drops, OREA president Ron Abraham has provided some useful tips for homeowners to prepare for winter – worthwhile sharing with clients, associates and friends to make sure that your home is ready to weather the frosty months. You can see the article here:

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