What makes you great? How do you run your business? What is your secret weapon?

When I first became licensed as a salesperson I recall running around from person to person, asking those questions.

Some laughed, some shamelessly promoted themselves and the best shared. Even though I was fortunate to grow up in the business I ignored the logical choice – which turned out to be the best resource, my mom! (The last person I asked).

My mom has taught me that the first rule of Real Estate is – there is nothing Life and Death about a real estate transaction (although sometimes…OK, most of the time it feels like it). Among many other things, this is the rule that stuck and this is what I remember when I think I am Henny Penny and the sky is falling.

As I write this blog and look at my Starbucks cup I can’t help but to feel that my business is run like a great coffee shop, where my clients get the level of service they need and expect.  Knowing that they can call, email, text or tweet at any moment of the day and that I am their Real Estate SME (Subject Matter Expert).

So over that cup of coffee people when ask me what I do, I jokingly reply with;

 I am a courier that sells dreams. I bring people to houses and houses to people and in between I have the ethical fabric to write the paper that creates the dream that makes this legally happen.

I believe this. My life has a schedule that is not my own, my family loves this about me.

I run my business with the promise to provide a level of service that is world class and make sure that my client is happy. Number one is my Client. Knowing that if I provide them a level of service that they remember to be great, I will be the talk at the water cooler, ice rink, clubhouse, and coffee shop.

It is my great privilege to be a part of the Ontario Real Estate Association’s Young Professionals Network #OREAYPN and I know that we can all learn, share, grow and develop our businesses to continue to make our profession a noble one.

Today, I still run around from salesperson to salesperson and ask the same questions – How do you run your business? What makes you so great? What is your secret weapon? I am curious what is yours? And how do you like your Coffee?

Liza Tallen, OREA YPN Committee Member & Guest Blogger

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