Today’s blog contribution was written by Tanya Evoy.  Tanya is a Real Estate Broker in Carleton Place (Ottawa).

It is rare to find someone in the real estate industry who has not experienced a bad day. We come across many different types of stressors and after some hard truths, we can identify that not managing our clients’ expectations is often the reason. Our everyday focus is usually on building your brand, becoming an expert in your market, keeping on top of trends, giving back to our community and serving our clients in the best possible way we can. All the while balancing our personal lives, improving on our knowledge and managing our own expectations of what type of Realtor® we want to become.

For me, personally, selling real estate this year has been different than in previous years. It has been an eye-opening experience and one I have learned a lot from. My skills have been tested in ways they have never been before and I have had to question and research in areas that I never considered, as well as, work harder to keep all of the moving parts in order. This is one of the reasons I love this Industry and how it is constantly changing and challenging new growth.

With that, we need to remember that we will have to also change with it. I believe it is time to bring more attention to the relationships that exist between Realtors. When I was studying for my real estate license, there was a course instructor who told me that the relationship between Realtors is the most important one and that you would need to work hard throughout your career to preserve it. I have come back to this piece of advice often, when on occasion, I have found myself working on a transaction with a Realtors who, in my opinion have left their manners somewhere else and forgotten about the level of professionalism that we need to maintain.

There are many types of real estate services available to consumers today with many different business models, with every Realtor having a different level of experience, education and personality. With so many changes happening in our industry, it is important to take time to reflect on how you can improve as a Realtor in your relationships with your clients, but also with your fellow Realtors. Getting busy is something that everyone will hopefully experience in their business, but a lot can be said for picking up the phone during negotiations, or sending a simple thank you note for a job well done. Some of my best experiences working with skilled Realtors have been how they are respectful of all timelines, are organized and provide excellent communication, so you can provide better service to your client during the process. Getting emotionally charged and forgetting that we are expected to be professionals may happen, but in my opinion, it should not. It puts our clients’ needs behind our own and can cost them a great deal of disappointment if they lose the home they want or cannot sell their own successfully.

I am fortunate to work in a fantastic market with some amazing professionals who have inspired me to do a great job and have raised the bar for others to follow. If you are one of the ones who have to pave the way, keep going and do your best! You will be glad that you did and your business with will thank you with many rewards and lasting relationships for years to come.

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