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“How to Buy Your Home” first in new OREA video series

HowToBuy Do you have a new client or prospect? Maybe a first time homebuyer or someone new to the area? What do you tell them, give them or share with them to make them understand the buying and selling process better? For years OREA’s How to buy Your Home and How to Sell Your Home books have been popular tools for REALTORS® consumers alike. More than 2,000 of these books are distributed by OREA every year. We know you like them, we know consumers like them, so we looked for a way to give our members another tool that would be as useful and popular. We wanted a tool that was easily accessible, easy to share and travel with and one that would help you connect with clients and guide people through the home buying experience. The information from the books was condensed and boiled down into steps which we used to create a new series of videos. The first two videos in the series follow “The Millers”, an average Canadian family, as they look for their first family home, and later downsize to a condo. The first video, based on How to Buy Your Home shows the young Millers, newly married and ready to make their first home purchase. Together with their REALTOR® Daniel they will go through the steps from looking at listings, to making offers and doing the closing paperwork. Check out the video now:

We encourage you to share this with clients, potential clients and the general public. For information on how you can include it on your personal website, social media accounts or email, check out our previous how to share a video blog post. Stay tuned in September, when the second video of the series based on the How to Sell Your Home book comes out, and find out where the Millers are today.

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