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How to generate business using Facebook

I’m sitting here at Agent Reboot Toronto with about three hundred REALTORS® listening to some very engaging speakers discussing everything technology, business and social media.

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Jimmy Mackin, the founder of and Frugyl just came on stage to speak about that networking service nobody’s heard of…Facebook.

The overwhelmingly majority of REALTORS® have yet to close a single deal as a result of their marketing on Facebook.  This isn’t because it’s not possible but because most haven’t commited to the platform.  18% of Facebook REALTORS® have closed a deal as a result of their marketing efforts on Facebook.  As for the rest of REALTORS®, they’re probably suffering from R.A.S.M (random acts of social media).

Here are some tips to start winning on Facebook:

1. They get personal.

Facebook and real estate is about building personal relationships.  Create magical moments offline – go one step further and send letters offline or reach out in some way to create an experience your client will remember.

2. They stay consistent.

Become systematic.  Have a reason for doing what you’re doing.

3. They have  a plan.

Plan out your Facebook type of posts, day by day.  A content strategy is so useful.

Thanks @jimmymackin for your tips today at Agent Reboot.

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