How to Get Members to Read

Woman and signMembers do read; so do customers and clients. The question is, are they reading what you write? That’s the question that Melynn Sight discusses in this short video interview.

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The key, Melynn says, is to make sure that what you write is relevant to the audience. “That’s very simplistic” Melynn says, “but it’s very important and it’s a big step in the process.”

Melynn believes that the most important step to take before writing any communication is to understand your audience and what’s relevant to them. Melynn says, “Communication is about linking what you have to offer with what members really need in order to spur some action.” That means organizations need to find a value that they share with members, or customers, or clients. Then they need to describe the relevant value proposition that they deliver. Once you know your value proposition, she says, “you can write to that; you can speak to that; your leaders can lead to that.”

Melynn has observed that one of the most common beliefs of organizations is that more is better. “That’s not true”, she says. Melynn teaches her clients that relevant, optimized communication is better than too much information. “Give an appropriate headline with the incentive to read more”, she says. “That will get more members to appreciate and value what you communicate.”

Melynn Sight is President of nSight Marketing. She is workshop facilitator, consultant and keynote speaker. Melynn left 25 years in the corporate, for-profit world for the chance to work with association executives on refining marketing and communication with their members and business affiliates.

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Title:  How to Get Members to Read
Featuring:  Melynn Sight, President nSight Marketing
Length: 7:25 minutes

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