How to Have a Rockin’ Real Estate Career

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This spring marked my fifth year in real estate, and like many former rookies I looked back and thought; what would I have done differently had I known what I do now? While we don’t yet have the technology to travel back in time, we do have the ability pay it forward to the next generation.

I was recently invited to host a session at REBar Camp Westend. For anyone who hasn’t participated in a REBar camp, the next time one comes up: GO! It is one of the best conferences I attend and it’s filled with the best in the business who are leading the way of our industry. The best part is that they are happy to share their trade secrets with other Realtors, all for the betterment of our industry.

It was a no brainer for me to pick what I wanted to talk about, and I developed a session: “How to Have a Rockin’ Real Estate Career from Former Rookies”. I assembled some of the best in the business from around the province to be a part of my panel; Realtors who have used innovation, outside of the box ideas, and hard work to become leaders in our industry. And the best part, all of my very accomplished panellists were under the age of 40, talk about overcoming the odds!

So for anyone that wasn’t able to attend REBar here are our top six take always on ‘How to Have a Rockin Real Estate Career’:

1)      Pick a lead generation system that works for you and work it well! Don’t spread yourself too thin by doing everything. Pick a couple ideas that you like and work them religiously.

2)      Don’t be afraid to tell your friends, family, and everyone you know that you’re in real estate. Your friends and family will be your biggest champions and source of referrals so make sure to be loud and proud about your new career and be sure they know how much you appreciate their support.

3)      Every successful business should start with a good plan. Create goals, strategies, and action plans on how you’re going to reach your goals to build a long lasting successful business. Remember you’re no longer an employee but the CEO of your own business so act the part and plan like one.

4)      Find a veteran Realtor that you admire and ask them to mentor you. You’d be surprised on how many people are happy to do this. Offer to do open houses for them or ask to tag along on a few appointments. If you’re taking on a new listing don’t be afraid to ask them to co-list it with you. The lessons you learn and experience you gain will far out way any “loss” from sharing your commission.

5)      “Knowledge is Power”. When consumers first meet you and know you’re a “rookie” the automatic assumption is that you’re not knowledgeable. Prove them wrong by demonstrating your expertise and knowledge of real estate. Attend every course offered by your local association, conferences, additional accreditations etc. Nothing provides your clients better services then being a real estate expert.

6)      Think outside of the box. If you’re pursuing FSBO’s don’t just call once and give up, be creative with how you approach them. If there’s a local bridal show, set up a display; not only are newlyweds often looking to buy but they come with an entourage of friends and family. Trade shows are also a valuable opportunity to connect with other vendors. You could create a community Facebook page; to profile upcoming events attractions. There are lots of unique opportunities to build your name and brand in your community so don’t be afraid to be the purple cow and have a unique approach.

So whether you’re in your first year or a veteran, let’s be the leaders that I know we are by collaborating and empowering our fellow Realtor by paying it forward!


Jacqueline Pennington, OREA YPN Committee Member and Guest Blogger

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