How well do you know organized real estate?

Checklist with yes checked off

Some of these go back quite a while – answers will be in next week’s blog.


1) What was MLS® called starting in 1951 (yeah, I was around then, barely)?


2) What does MDMS stand for?


3) Name the first real estate board in Ontario with an Internet accessed, browser-enabled MLS® system


4) Name the oldest real estate board in Ontario. What about in North America?  This will be contentious


5) What year was the prohibition order signed?


6) Name the first board in Canada to implement “phototrieve”


7) At its peak, how many committees/task forces did OREA have?


8) Who was the CEO of OREA before Don Richardson?


9) Who regulated real estate before RECO?


10) Under Robert’s Rules of Order, what does “seriatum” mean regarding handling motions?


Bonus question: who is the longest continuous serving REALTOR® in Ontario? I don’t know, so I need your input please!!!

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