I Want to Apply for a YPN Leadership Award – How Can I make my Application Stand Out?

A Past Judge’s Perspective


Judging the YPN Leadership Awards is no easy task. No two candidates are alike, and everyone has something that makes them unique as a REALTOR®. But at the end of the day, there are some specific pointers that candidates should keep in mind if they want to maximize their chances of making it into the top five.

I’ll start with the obvious ones. Having a complete application is critical. If you don’t fill out every section of the form, you will not make it out of the pre-screening pile. You may not be able to fill in every last box, but you should at least have some information in each section in order to qualify.

It’s also really important to read the form carefully and ensure that you provide the information that is being asked for. Last year when asked about designations some people listed awards they had won. Awards can be significant and applicants are welcome to mention them in their personal statement, but when we ask for designations, we really want to hear about designations. For example, CIPS, ABR, and SRES, to name just a few, would all qualify as industry designations.

Some of the other ways you can make your application rise to the top are:

  • Although optional, personal references are a great way to round out your application. You can help your references write a strong letter by telling them to focus on measureable achievements and examples, as opposed to subjective comments.
  • No accomplishment is too small! If it applies to one of the three categories under review and you feel it is important, be sure to list it.

If you’re still unsure about part of the application process, then reach out to the Ontario Real Estate Association for clarification. You can e-mail your questions to ypn@orea.com. Best of luck, and I encourage you to have fun!

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