International Buyers

I live and work in Kitchener-Waterloo. In recent years the area has been booming with tech startups and touts itself as the Silicon Valley of the North.  We also have two highly regarded Universities and a large College.  Those factors attract people from all over the world to our community.

As a result I find myself working with international buyers more frequently. Here are some tips I find helpful: 

Don’t communicate only via email. It’s very impersonal and messages can fall flat. Set up a time to meet either via skype, Face Time or even the phone. 

Be cognizant that international Buyers are usually in different time zones. No one wants to wait for hours and hours for replies to messages.  To facilitate things I always try to adapt to their schedule during correspondence, even if that means early mornings or late nights.  Further, don’t forget the holidays we observe here are different than elsewhere. I recently had an American client set up a conference call on our Canadian Thanksgiving

Establishing trust is paramount. The international buyer doesn’t know you or the area. Meeting via video conferencing puts a face to a name and begins establishing the relationship. Being able to do simple things like recommend a restaurant or schools for the kids is also a big help. Further, be honest and lay out the advantages and disadvantages of neighbourhoods under consideration. 

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