Image is something, thirst is awful

Conceptual sign of sucess in business and life

Coca-Cola, the makers of Sprite, once marketed the slogan “Image is nothing, thirst is everything. Obey your thirst.” In my mind, this is one of the dumbest slogan’s ever produced, especially when you consider the fact that the professional athletes Coca-Cola got to pound back Sprite in the commercials always struck poses reserved for Stifler’s mom and other “hot moms” from the big screen and the small screen. I’m not about to say image is everything, because that’s not true either, but let’s cut the crap, image is clearly important and the image of success is incredibly important in the real estate world.

What is success? Success is something often seen to be personal but in the real estate world it is certainly quantifiable on a public scale. REALTORS® are certainly entitled to personal success in whatever they please, but from a business stand point, success can definitely be measured, and is on a daily basis.

As a newer real estate professional, I’ve had to combat the success of others with a “zero” success balance. Not for lack of trying, but because there are a large number of sellers and buyers who already have an agent, or have no interest in working with a younger agent. I’ve had to look to my mentors and office to find how to break the barrier. The best way I’ve learned, “fake it till you make it”.

We are our business. From the way we dress, to the cars we drive, to the way we conduct ourselves in interviews and during deals; we are always under the microscope, being watched by our clients, prospects, and other agents. The importance of appearance can’t be over looked. But it’s not enough to just appear successful; you have to believe you’re successful until you become successful.

This swings us right around back to the question of success. Professional success can be measured any number of ways, but in general, people want to know you’re busy. Next time you find yourself at a store, push yourself to ask for help from someone. Who are you drawn to? The two guys having a conversation about something like their last house party, or the person plugging away stocking shelves? You’d be surprised to learn that the greater majority of people are more likely to look for help and offer their business to people who SEEM busy.

If you take away anything from today; don’t think about what it will be like when you are successful and always busy, make yourself busy, and if you can’t make yourself busy, make yourself look busy. How successful you want to be is totally up to you, but success doesn’t start, until you start putting in the work, no matter what the work is. Also, don’t forget to drink your Sprite like Stifler’s Mom.

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