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Is making money your passion?


Some questions give me feelings of cardiac arrest.

“Will I make a lot of money selling real estate?” Invariably, this is the most heartbreaking interrogation posed by prospective students. Regardless of my paraphrase of Confucius that you should choose a job you love if you want to never have to work a day in your life, these interrogators insist on putting a price on their career.

When I was young, education focused on values and, in particular, responsibilities. Today, people are more apt to pronounce, “That’s not my responsibility.” Folks seem to have embraced ‘my rights’, ‘my price’, ‘I’m the victim’ mentalities.

Research, popularized by countless ‘how-to’ books and motivational speakers, reveal that you become what you believe. If you see yourself as a winner, you win. If you see yourself as a loser, you’ll become a loser. This basic reality is important to understand.

If you pick your career to pursue money, realize that money makes you more of what you are. It doesn’t change you. Your focus on riches will only make you more materialistic.

A career in real estate is a people-oriented, problem-solving occupation. It requires commitment to others, not dabbling for selfish motives. If money is your passion, look elsewhere because real estate sales will not make you happy.

A career in real estate requires a great deal of self-knowledge. Don’t enter the profession without it.


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