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It’s Only a Mouse Click Away

Don’t know the difference between a client and a customer? Having problems with housing measurements (does it include the dormer)? Not certain how to calculate the adjusted nominal rate using the HP10B11 calculator?

These are but a sample of the numerous questions posted and discussed on our online education forums. Located in the My Portfolio section of My OREA Community, the forums boast more than 15,000 users who have contributed to 49,500 threads and 65,300 posts.

This treasure trove of information is available 24-7. You can access all the forums or simply focus on the course in which you are enrolled. You can post questions or comments, answer posted questions or comments, or follow the various discussion threads. All you have to do is follow the My OREA Community Terms of Use, which you are required to accept when you first log on. To view the Terms of Use, go to http://cs.orea.com/terms.aspx.

One great thing about the forums is the search function, which you can use to find answers to almost any question related to your course or to real estate in general. Another great thing about the forums – it’s a great way to connect with your classmates and colleagues, and to share your ideas about course content.

The forums are moderated by college staff. Generally, the moderator will only intervene if a posted question is answered incorrectly or if someone violates the terms of use.

This is a valuable resource – for you and for us. Tell us…

  • If you’re using the forums
  • If the forums have been helpful to you
  • How we can improve them

And, we respectfully remind you to respect the function of the forums – to help you with course content. So please ensure your comments relate to course content.

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