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Individuals have limits.

Why relish in singular study spending hours alone at your desk with your nose in a textbook or eyeballing a computer screen in undirected research? Keeping in touch via social media, phone, or email does not correct a flawed format. It merely compounds the solitude and struggle. You may think your trek is on course and your journey is sound but how can you be certain? Without the spontaneous, immediate presence, discussion, and critique of others who chip away at your perspective, your endeavour subsists as a daydream.

A team has no limits.

A group is a ‘must have’. It is geared for success in that it replaces the vacuum of individual work with the support and synergism of the group. Independence lost becomes cooperative support with mutual benefits.

Of course, group work will not succeed if participants cloud the endeavour with individual agendas. Individuals need to dispense with their egos. There is no room for personal aggrandizement, however small or subtle. Individuals who celebrate their own contributions are counterproductive. Flexing, directly or indirectly, your individual muscles within the group, or in reporting the work of the group, is hypocritical.

Join a team to ensure your success.

A team’s diversity will help you explore and understand from many different perspectives. It will enable you to “boldly go where no one has gone before” (sorry, I couldn’t resist the Star Trek-inspired quote).

The team will bring out each other’s understandings. As a group, you will be better positioned to troubleshoot weaknesses or problem areas. Whether working on comprehending concepts, crafting lesson plans, brainstorming, or writing assignments, the team approach is your ideal environment.


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