Just how nimble are your decisions?

If you volunteer on a board of directors or a committee, you probably work hard to make good decisions. Yet we all know that many things can get in the way of that happening.

In the newest Leadership Podcast from the OREA Centre for Leadership Development, Juanita Gledhill takes a closer look at Nimble Decision Making. One of the things that Juanita discusses in this audio interview is the importance of staying on top of emerging trends. In our world of 7/24 technology, things happen at such a rapid pace that if we’re not constantly scanning for what’s happening in our industry, then we’re going to be reacting rather than leading. In order to lead, one needs to have their eyes on the horizon for what’s coming ahead.

Juanita also discusses the behaviours at the board table that become barriers to good decision making. These include personal self-interest, lack of trust, fear of making the wrong decision, lack of focus and delaying tactics. It’s interesting that the solutions she cites for overcoming these barriers aren’t rocket science. They include being prepared, being informed, fully understanding the rationale for decisions and having a plan to communicate decisions effectively to members. Listen to the full interview below.

Nimble Decision Making
Juanita Gledhill, Principal, MCC Group
Length: 5:09 minutes

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