Keeping Your Head without Losing Your Mind

If you feel like our hurry-up culture is getting the better of you, you’ll want to listen to this episode of Leadership Podcast. Cathy Shaughnessy discusses how easy it is to get stuck working at a pace that is way faster than you might want, which can happen when we get caught matching the pace of those around us. Cathy explains that this is partly due to the alarming rate at which information is coming at us, from so many sources.

The Canadian Mental Health Association states that when we are really stressed, stress makes us go faster; but going faster makes us more stressed. It’s a vicious cycle. In this podcast, Cathy discusses ways to achieve more balance in your life. One of the most important first steps she shares is to “just stop, even for just a few minutes.” Cathy suggests you ask yourself, What is the best use of my time? What do I really need to be doing now? Cathy explains that we handle stress best when we acknowledge that we can change the way we respond to situations and then implement some simple strategies.

Cathy Shaughnessy is an Executive Coach with Perspective in Action. She has managed and coordinated corporate learning projects for over 25 years. A lecturer at Laurier School of Business and Economics, Cathy holds an Associate Certified Coach designation with the International Coach Federation, is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the National Speakers Association.

Title: Keeping Your Head without Losing Your Mind
Featuring: Cathy Shaughnessy, Executive Coach, Perspective in Action
Length:  5:34 minutes

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